LIBRARY Wallpaper
LIBRARY Wallpaper
LIBRARY Wallpaper
LIBRARY Wallpaper
LIBRARY Wallpaper
LIBRARY Wallpaper
LIBRARY Wallpaper - Panoramic wallpaper

LIBRARY Wallpaper

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This visual is the one you dream of, but not in wallpaper?
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The authenticity of hand-bound books. The bookcase is an amazing trompe l'oeil that will fool many of your friends and family. Hang an original wallpaper to decorate your living room or bedroom and impress your friends.

LIBRARY wallpaper by Scenolia

Professional quality wallpaper.
VOC emission: A+
Fire rating: B-S1-DO
Easy to install: our textile wallpaper is very easy to install, by pasting directly onto the wall. No need for a pasting table, installation becomes child's play (Save up to 30% of your time compared to traditional wallpaper hanging methods).
Perfect seams: All our paneled wallpapers come with a 10mm overlap to ensure perfect alignment of panels.
HD Print Quality: all of our wallpapers are produced using the latest technology of professional HD Latex or UV digital printers with certified environmentally-friendly inks.
Resistant to light: our inks exceed grade 6 according to ISO 105 B02, which gives them excellent resistance.
Finish of your choice: Scenolia invented the seamless wallpaper with its one-piece version. Installation is just as simple.

A 100% trompe l'oeil faux bookcase

Eléonore and Sophie have chosen to decorate their homes with a trompe l'oeil effect. Eléonore chose to hang the wallpaper on the sliding door in her living room, creating a secret hiding place behind a bookcase. A true novelist! Sophie has decorated her workplace with several decorations to create a range of different looks. The imitation bookcase works perfectly in this meeting room, creating a studious space.

Bookcase wallpaper on a sliding doorBookcase wallpaper in an office

We offer professional quality materials for an easy and quick installation of the LIBRARY wallpaper. Our materials are durable and offer excellent value for money. Professional use is possible in places open to the public, thanks to their B-S1-DO fire rating.

  • 260g textile wallpaper,
    Composition: 100% Woven Polyester
    Opacity: 100%
    Width: 1500mm
  • 330g textile canvas,
    Composition : 100% Woven Polyester
    Opacity: 100%
    Width: 3200mm & 5000mm

Easy to install

No need for a pasting table, our LIBRARY wallpaper is pasted directly to the wall. Apply the paste directly to the wall, then put the wallpaper in place. Save up to 30% of your time compared to traditional wallpaper hanging methods.

Choice of finish

Hanging in strips or in one piece? Hanging in strips with its perfect seams, is the solution for one-person installation.

Download the instruction for hanging strip wallpaper

Installing wallpaper in one piece is the aesthetic choice because there are no seams between the strips, but it takes two people to do this. Installation is still very simple. The LIBRARY image retains all its splendor.

Download the installation instructions for solid-sheet wallpaper

Choice of adhesive

The choice of adhesive always depends on the type of wall. Our wallpapers can be applied using standard adhesives available in DIY shops or with our adapted accessories, available in the Accessories section.

Installation accessories
These accessories recommended by Scenolia will help you in the installation of your LIBRARY Wallpaper.

Have you always dreamed of owning a huge 4 metre long bookcase but never fancied all the dusting that would come with it? Scenolia's trompe l'oeil bookcase wallpaper is perfect for you. Thanks to the hyper-realistic photo, you'll be delighted to see that this wallpaper looks just like the real thing! With an antique style, the bookcase will give your interior a real charm. The trompe l'oeil will enlarge your room by giving the illusion that the shelf has depth without actually occupying any space. You'll feel like you're in a real castle library, and you won't even have to leave your home.

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