Wall decoration Sport

Wall decoration Sport


We have a range of great sports images for you: football, rugby, aviation, sailing, dance, golf, boxing, skiing, basketball... discover beautiful, historical photos in black and white. For those who love sports and live sporting images, decorations featuring action shots from sports matches will bring energy to your personal decor.

In our sports themed decorations, you can find a wide range of sports images to decorate your home with: sailing wallpaper, basketball pictures, football stadiums, rugby scrimmages, winter sport pictures, black and white sport pictures, sea trips, car sport posters, vintage sport decorations, classical dancing, boxing, paragliding, golf, baseball... The more you enjoy displaying your pastime on your walls, the more your sport wall decoration will embellish your interior!

Basketball canvas print
Rugby wall chart
Tennis wallpaper
Baseball poster

The team's decorating tips

Our selection of canvases and wallpapers are also the perfect way to decorate a gym. For professionals, Scenolia has created a range of high-quality decorations at affordable prices.

Décoration murale Sport

Dynamic sports stylewall decoration

To create a sporty atmosphere in a room, hang three sports deco pictures of the same size next to each other. Choose the vertical format for a dynamic sports deco. Choose 3 football images for your child's room (assuming they're a fan), or 3 different sports images in your living room, giving you variety.

For example, you could put our "Rugby" picture up with our "Regatta" and "Basketball Hall" pictures. This mix of styles works well with all types of furniture and decorative objects.

Swimming pool poster
At sea wall canvas print
Hanging wall hanging basketball room
Football poster

Our sport wall decor products

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