Wall decoration Landscape and nature

Landscape and nature wall decoration

Landscape and nature

Enjoy views from all over the world with our wall decorations such as landscape pictures or nature wallpapers. Escape everyday life.

Lose yourself in nature with one of our beautiful landscape-themed interior wall decorations.

There's a wide selection available on our Scenolia shop: Bora Bora beach view, Route 66 wallpaper, Machu Picchu, Venice or Monument Valley photo poster. Discover and explore all the magical places the planet has to offer from the comfort of your own home. If you're a photographer, you can even have your own landscape printed onto one of our products!

Hytte canvas print
SAINT PIERRE EN PORT privacy screen
Landscape canvas print for office
Panoramic landscape wallpaper

Quality landscape and nature decoration

Whether it's a panoramic wallpaper, pictures, or even a single strip, our products are high-definition and made of high-quality materials. We choose materials such as non-woven paper for its visual quality, durability and ease of installation. If your decor is intended for a damp room, we offer moisture-resistant and waterproof textile fabric. We have natural designs and quality materials to suit you and your needs.

Our graphics studio carefully selects high-resolution images of nature to guarantee an optimal visual experience. The designs we offer are of high visual quality as we understand that printing a large landscape requires high definition.

Landscape art and canvas print of Argentina
Chinese wall wallpaper
Landscape art and canvas print of Atlantic cliffs
Road from the sky canvas print

Attractive pieces of decoration to hang on walls to complete your natural decor

Which colour for a natural decor?

We all instinctively think of green when we think of nature! The leaves on the trees, forests, grass - they're all green. Why not make this colour an integral part of your interior colour scheme? A green wall decoration is mellow and soothing. Nature-themed, green dining room decor is an excellent choice. There's a wide range of nature and landscape images on Scenolia to bring your interior design dreams to life: Zen nature poster, foliated waterfall painting, nature wall hanging, tropical garden wallpaper... Browse our Scenolia shop to find the nature or landscape design that will brighten up your living room.

However, green is not the only option. Nature is full of colours! With blue skies, brown earth, sandy beaches, azure seas, multicoloured flowers... you can choose the colour that suits you to achieve a cohesive, nature-themed bedroom design. Dare to be bright and bold by choosing a floral theme for your interior. You can also opt for a black and white natural design for a chic aesthetic. A monochrome palette changes the landscape completely. It can capture a blue lake in a timeless black and white moment, giving the room a decidedly vintage atmosphere.

Let your interior transport you to new places.

Travel around the world with our designs . From China to America to Brazil, discover a collection of visuals which span across every continent. Of course, the beautiful country of France, the birthplace of Scenolia, is our greatest muse. You'll fall in love with our stunning selection of pictures, posters and wallpapers.

With our broad array of travel-themed designs, the world's your oyster. Our travel decor transports you to foreign lands. Our travel photo painting of a deserted island lying under the warm Pacific sun will make you feel like you're there on holiday. Close your eyes in front of the travel photo wallpaper of Japan's temples and it'll be as if you're there! You can visit any country in the world with our travel designs. Do one of these landscapes transport you to a dreamland? Imagine you're there by installing a large photograph of your fairy-tale location in your living room or bedroom. Turn your home into a gateway to exciting places with our large selection of scenes from across the globe. Visit Asia from your kitchen, America from your living room and Oceania from your bedroom? in just a few steps you can cross entire oceans.

Create your own style using your personal holiday memories or photos of beautiful landscapes which you'd love to experience again and again. Our decorative photo frames make everyday a holiday. You could even mark all the countries you'd stepped foot in on a map. It would take a lifetime to visit more than 200 countries! Your interior design is just waiting for you to bring it to life!

You'll love these wall decor themes!