Wall decoration Green

Wall decoration Green


Nature, softness and vegetal are the three words that reflect our green decoration theme. We offer here a large selection of green images to make your green living room or any other room in your home a success.

Green décor takes its inspiration from nature. When we talk about landscape, vegetation and plants, the colour green immediately springs to mind. Similarly, when we talk about the colour green, we think of nature and the great outdoors. Opting for a green decor brings us closer to nature and brings the outside in. Incorporating green into your interior creates an energizing feel. !

Green path canvas print
Green philodendron wallpaper
Water green canvas print
Beach view from the sky canvas print

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The team's decorating tips

Now you've chosen a colour for your wall decoration, perhaps you're wondering what colour goes with green? Lots of colours go with green: green and white, green and wood, green and grey - even green and pink if you're searching for an original look.

For a successful green interior, why not combine green wallpaper with potted plants and an armchair in the same colour. You can also paint cupboard doors green (for example a bedroom chest of drawers, kitchen cupboards, small living room furniture, etc.), leaving the rest of the piece of furniture unpainted.

Natural colours also go well with green: brown, ochre, blue, beige...

Décoration murale Green

A multitude of green images on Scenolia

Whether you choose water green, emerald green, grey green, duck green, mint, olive or fir, you will find the right image in our online shop. Create a green design with our wide range of original decorations.

Green tea field wallpaper
Green bamboo poster
Garden poster
Foliage wallpaper

You'll love these wall decor colours!