Wall decoration Grey

Wall decoration Grey


Create a beautiful grey decor in your home with our decorative images in soft tones. Go for sobriety with a grey decoration. Simplicity is on trend. Let our grey deco products guide you in renewing your interior.

Dare to use on-trend combinations such as a jungle motif wallpaper with an engraved frame. Combine a pretty graphic wallpaper with plain paint in your living room for a cutting-edge, pearl-grey décor. Get inspiration from our selection below:

Roman temple engraved picture
Grey stone wallpaper
Grey cobblestone wallpaper
Grey design wall decor

Vary your design with the grey colour

The use of grey in interior design is timeless. It brings a cocooning feel to the home. For example, choose a powder grey-poster to enhance your grey bedroom, with beautiful bed linen, a cosy blanket, a fluffy rug..

Vary the shades to co-ordinate your interior: light grey living room decor, charcoal grey wall in the kitchen, mouse grey furniture in the entrance hall. The colour grey can easily be combined with other colours because it is muted: grey and yellow, grey and blue, grey and green... The combination of these colours has given rise to ultra-modern colours such as verdigris.

Grey concrete wallpaper
World map wallpaper one shade of grey
Grey cement tile wallpaper
Stairs to the terrace poster

You'll love these wall decor colours!