Wall hangings

Looking to decorate your home on a limited budget? Our extra-large wall hangings are the perfect solution. Installation is quick and easy using the supplied hanging kit that simply attaches to your wall. Our products are perfect for rentals, allowing you to personalise your interior without making any major changes. This product is made in our workshop in France.

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Say yes to change with our wall hangings

With an innovative mounting system, the suspended wall hanging is a product created by Scenolia. This wall decoration fits flawlessly into both small and large rooms and is available in a range of different sizes (150 x 240 cm, 60 x 240 cm, 122 x 200 cm or 150 x 150 cm), Effortlessly hide wall imperfections with our wall hanging which is slightly offset from the wall.

How do I hang it? One of the key advantages of Scenolia wall hangings is that they're easy to install. Simple, quick and unique with intelligent design, the installation of a Scenolia wall hanging is the solution to all your problems. Hang up your giant vertical decoration using just 2 hooks. The kit, which contains 2 suspension bars passed through sleeves, ensures the printed canvas is correctly tensioned.

Looking for a change? Why not take down your wall hanging and hang another canvas on the same hooks! The kit is reusable.

What kind of atmosphere is right for your home? Scenolia offers a broad array of wall hanging designs (over 250 images) with a multitude of stylish and modern themes: nature, stylish, trompe l'oeil or urban... the perfect printed hanging canvas for your house or flat can be found on our online shop.

Have you just set up a business and started looking for design ideas for your shop? Becoming a manager of a restaurant, bakery or flower shop is what you've always dreamed of. There's just one problem: the interior design of the property doesn't reflect your style or wow your customers. It's time to overhaul your space! Discover a wide range of wall hangings which will personalise your shop, creating a peaceful and welcoming space that suits you. Elevate your workspace with a wall decoration. Looking for something bigger? We also have a great selection of posters.