Outdoor printed privacy screens

Balcony privacy screens, garden privacy screens and terrace privacy screens: There's something for all your outdoor decoration needs and desires at Scenolia! 100% (PVC) or 80% (polyester mesh) opaque privacy screens. Enhance your outdoor space whilst making it more discreet. Available in heights ranging from 80 cm to 2 metres, this decorative printed privacy screen is quick to install.

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The Scenolia decorative fence screen

Enhance your exterior with an economical privacy screen

Exterior decoration is just as important as interior if you want to make the most of the sunny days. We're all enchanted by the garden in the spring months when the sun starts to emerge again. We plant our seedlings, mow the lawn, prune the trees... it's the perfect time to consider our exterior decor.

Want to enjoy your terrace without being seen by your neighbours? Our PVC screen offers a decorative and inexpensive solution. The screen is opaque as well as decorative, meaning you can hide from prying eyes whilst simultaneously improving the atmosphere of your space. Some people opt for reed screens, though Scenolia also offers decorative balcony privacy screens with many printed images to choose from. There's no shortage of balcony decoration ideas! Your balcony cover could be a pattern resembling your exterior walls, or maybe a stunning trompe l'oeil such as a fake stone wall, or even a beautiful landscape to remind you of being on holiday. You can also have your own design printed on the privacy screen by sending us your image.

Complete your terrace decor by complementing your screen with some elegant furniture. With your garden decorated and enhanced, you can invite your friends over safe in the knowledge that they'll be captivated by your outdoor space!

Wide selection of privacy screens: photo, trompe l'oeil wood, bamboo, false hedge plant effect

Scenolia has more than 150 models of privacy screens available. With all manner of sizes and styles in stock, there's something for everyone. Be inspired by the latest trends or create your own style. Reed screens are very on trend at the moment, as well as trompe l'oeil landscapes that enlarge outdoor spaces.

Choose an artificial hedge with the VIRGINIA CREEPER pattern. One of the best sellers in the category, the CORSICA privacy screen, has turned many heads with its magnificent view of the horizon and turquoise sea. The BEIGE STONES trompe l'oeil, with its pale and luminous colour, imitates a Mediterranean-style stone wall. Choose the CUISANCE landscape for a relaxing corner decorated with a beautiful waterfall.

Scenolia offers a wide range of sizes, from 3 to 5 metres in length and 80 cm to 2 metres in height. If you're looking for a privacy screen with specific dimensions, please get in touch with us!

How do I fit and fix a privacy screen?

Our privacy screens can be easily attached to a fence or a gate using attachment clips. Scenolia also stocks Colson necklace-style attachments for privacy screens. These can be found in our accessories section. There's a different method for fixing a privacy screen against a wall. You'll need to drill holes in the desired location on your wall and attach small hanging hooks. Then, simply position your privacy screen and align the hanging hooks with the screen's eyelets. Quick and durable, this solution holds the canvas sufficiently taut so that the printed landscape is displayed in full splendour.

What kind of wind screen should I choose for my balcony?

Scenolia offers 100% opacity as well as effective protection against the wind. The printed material will act as a decorative windbreak. This will allow you to protect yourself from the wind whilst decorating your balcony. The opaque screen prevents draughts, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space. Depending on your exposure, this practical, aesthetic solution will allow you to enjoy your balcony for more of the year. Create a cosy corner with our durable, printed outdoor decorations. Enhance your balcony by attaching an attractive Scenolia privacy screen or trompe l'oeil screen to your fence, reed fencing or stone wall...