Terrace privacy screen

The terrace privacy screen is a decorative panel that offers you extra privacy. You'll find beautiful designs in our catalogue that will enhance your exterior decor while keeping prying eyes at bay. Scenolia gives you the opportunity to take your style outside through several decorative elements.

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Reed fence style privacy screen for your terrace

Consider a printed privacy screen for your outdoor space

A terrace privacy screen will protect you from prying eyes

The terrace privacy screen is an intriguing decorative accessory that will preserve your privacy and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in peace. A terrace privacy screen is a functional, decorative element, decorating your terrace and protecting you from prying eyes. The 80% blackout grille lets a little light through while shading your terrace from view. The 100% blackout cover conceals you from you neighbours completely. Choose your material according to the function of your terrace and how exposed it is. A horizontal privacy screen will be more suitable against a fence for example.