Decorative painting on printed canvas and acrylic glass

Scenolia has large-sized prints available: giant prints in kit form, medium-sized canvas prints, prints on acrylic glass with glossy reflections... there's a range of styles and sizes to play with! Our extensive collection of original visuals and formats will fulfil all your decorating desires, from minimalist to maximalist. All decorative products can be used in any room and come with an easy-to-follow installation guide.

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Scenolia canvas prints : trendy interior design made in Europe

Scenolia wall prints are original decorations which will suit any room. Be it in the living room above the sofa, in the kitchen, or in the bedroom at the head of the bed... these decorative wall prints can be adapted to suit the look and feel of any interior space.

Beautiful interior decor doesn't need to cost a fortune. Scenolia also has large canvas prints available which can fill and enhance large, empty spaces. With a wide range of designs, sizes and colours to choose from, here you'll find the perfect wall frame to match what you're looking for. Pick the theme you fancy and let our interior decor prints transport your friends and guests to an unknown world.

Whether it's the living room, kitchen or bathroom, our plexiglass-style print fits anywhere. Thanks to its resistant material, the acrylic glass gives your decoration a much brighter look. High-definition printing accentuates every colour and brings out the charm of the image. Why not also take a look at our large design prints on canvas. These breezy designs are sure to bring you sheer bliss.

How do I install a decorative frame?

Save time with Scenolia's modern decorating products, which are quick and easy to assemble and install.

Our plexiglass print comes pre-mounted on a mounting bracket, ready to be hung on the wall. This stylish decorative print has an invisible mounting bracket, thanks to a fastening on the back. The frame is invisible once mounted on the wall. The canvas print is delivered in kit form for easy self-assembly. Each package comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions, allowing you to assemble the frame in as little as 15 minutes. Simply attach your hooks to the wall and hang your wall decoration.

Save time and take a look at the installation demonstration videos on the Scenolia website.

Where can I find small or large acrylic glass or canvas wall prints?

Original, stylish and inexpensive decorative prints

Scenolia exclusively offers canvas prints on a 2-metre frame! The patented canvas mounting system makes this a unique and original product. Why not treat yourself to a large wall decoration and take a look at our selection of XXL prints. Make these decorations a focal point of your living space - you won't be disappointed, and it will dazzle all your guests.

As the manufacturer of our own prints, we can guarantee you the best price on the market. We've chosen materials which are excellent quality, resistant and robust. The aluminium frames ensure a good hold on the wall, and don't deform over time. The textile canvas and acrylic glass are splash and moisture resistant, making them the ideal decoration to breathe life into spaces such as bathrooms and wet rooms. As specialists in large format printing, we can guarantee high-quality images which have been meticulously selected by our integrated graphics studio. Visit the "About Scenolia" page to find out more.

A stylish XXL print for the whole house: the living room, the bedroom...

Find a wide range of models and contemporary photos on Scenolia! Create your own personal, decorative ambiance with our wide selection of prints: world map, trompe l'oeil window, animals, landscapes, tropical leaf motif, black and white photo, abstract painting, zen painting...

Which decorative print would you choose for your living room or child's bedroom?

Combined with wallpaper, the Scenolia XXL print will enhance your living room or child's bedroom. Create an exquisite atmosphere by combining two decorations from the same stylish theme: jungle, engraving, zen, Scandinavian or vintage. With hundreds of designs available on our online décor shop, you'll be spoilt for choice.