Design canvas print

Do you want to give your home a new look? Then choose a design canvas print and original that will give a new atmosphere to your frame. This wall decor in a contemporary style is ideal with exceptional patterns and three-dimensional images in various colours. Bring joy and cheerfulness to your environment with our original design canvas prints.

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Choose from a wide variety of stunning modern canvas prints:

A perfect blend of modernity and traditional style, each design canvas print

is grand and glorious. We have a wide range of design pictures to create a warm and luxurious atmosphere in any room: kitchen, bedroom, corridor walls, living room, office... Each room is unique and authentic. It adapts and blends easily with your decoration and furniture while keeping its brightness and originality. There are so many ways to decorate your home with all our canvas prints. Among our visuals, there are enough varieties to choose from.

High-quality, easy-to-install design boards at unbeatable prices:

The decorative board has long been used to add spice to bare spaces. Although techniques have evolved greatly since the ancient canvas prints of Rome, the happiness and joy remain. Today, all the qualities are there: durability, longevity, practicality, easy to install and above all a perfect design. To enhance your interior decor, choose the best frame for each canvas print. There are also models with various and original styles. So, don't wait any longer to discover all the articles proposed and find the best canvas prints that correspond to your personality and profile. You can combine two or more canvas prints for one room.

Original and stylish Scenolia painting

Assert your taste and dare to personalise your decor to surprise or delight your guests! Design pictures bring a touch of modern to your classic interiors, an ounce of vintage to your contemporary interiors or a dash of boldness to your outdated interiors. Scenolia's design boards are available in a variety of formats and textures. Whatever your style, a Scenolia design board exists for you. Giant, large or small format. Leave no limits to your imagination and dare to sublimate your interior.

  • The giant boards to offer an immersive atmosphere of incredible dimensions, up to 2 metres long.
  • The canvas paintings for a classic look on a high quality textile canvas.
  • The plexiglass pictures to enhance the colours of the picture and make them shine by reflecting the light.

Example of a table design

The giant painting Collaged paper is in a different style. With its flamboyant colours, it energises a tidy living room with matching colours. With its collage effect of cacophonous and jumbled newspaper clippings, it contrasts with the decor.

We love the bold effect of a design board!