Trompe l'oeil wall hanging

Give the illusion of a larger interior with a trompe l'oeil wall hanging. Our trompe l'oeil perspective images open up your room by giving the impression of another space beyond your wall, consequently making your room feel bigger. Trompe l'oeil material effects give the illusion of a wall with depth and texture (whether it's stone, brick, etc.). The rendering of our trompe l'oeil wall hanging is exquisite. Use the hanging kit supplied to hang the product, and change the look of your room in matter of minutes.

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Easy to install trompe l'oeil decoration

The trompe l'oeil wall hanging is a unique and easy to install decoration offered by Scenolia. Opt for a 3D brick decoration or a perspective view on a landscape to enhance your interior. The trompe l'oeil decoration embellishes the room with its realistic effect. Scenolia wall hangings are very easy to install. This is a very good choice when you are renting or when you want to hide an imperfect wall, without doing major work. There is no need to glue the fabric to the wall as a hanging kit is provided and this keeps the canvas a few millimetres off the wall. .

Fix 2 hooks in your wall by measuring the distance between the notches on the canvas, fix the kit on top and unroll the canvas. You will have redecorated your home in less than 1 minute!

Wide range of trompe l'oeil designs and landscapes

Scenolia offers you a large choice of patterns such as brick, stone, concrete, wood, paper, mouldings, wool, animal skins... to satisfy all your desires. We also offer for sale perspective landscapes with beautiful views of the sea, beach, city, winter gardens, wine cellar, forest, desert... Enlarge your interior space with trompe l'oeil perspective decoration. Choose your style and colour from our range of trompe l'oeil wall hangings.