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Do you dream of travelling the world? Finding the time and money to make this dream a reality can sometimes feel impossible. But what if you could venture across the globe without leaving your sofa? Yes, it really is possible! With our collection of world map posters and world map prints, discover distant lands without leaving your home!

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World map posters and prints

Choose our world map posters for an interior filled with adventure

Your living room is undoubtedly a room you spend a lot of time in. To create a warm atmosphere in your living room, why not cover your walls with our planisphere poster designs. This adventure-filled wall decor not only creates a welcoming atmosphere, but also gives your home a unique touch.

Hanging a map on your bedroom wall gives you an opportunity to learn more about the different continents and discover countries you ever knew existed. Enhance your knowledge while you travel around the world with our range of world map posters and prints. Scenolia offers a variety of original, dreamy maps.

Large world map posters on Scenolia

If you have enough space, you could consider installing one of Scenolia's XXL world map posters in your home. We offer different sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your living spaces: from 150cm posters to 4 metre long panoramics! Our collection of large world map posters is a great way to express your inner globetrotter. This wall decor will embellish any room in the house as well as commercial spaces such as the reception area of a travel agency. We offer numerous styles of world map posters that will transform your home into a place to broaden your knowledge and share beautiful moments with your loved ones.