Giant poster

Our website has a wide choice of giant wall posters and large posters (design, decorative or photo) available. Transform your interior and redecorate your bedroom, kitchen or living room with an XXL wall decoration. Our giant posters are printed in France on high-quality, non-woven paper. For pinning, gluing or wallpapering.

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Communication in large format posters

Change your habits, no more old fashion wall decorations, this year is time for a change! We're moving on to XXL posters right now. Large-format wall posters have been a trend for some time and give your rooms a little extra. Thanks to their good quality graphics and fine finishing, the panoramic posters will delight you.

A massive wall poster makes a big impact in bedroom. Whether it is in a bedroom, a living room, a dining room or even in a kitchen, the Scenolia large size poster adds a bit of character to your interior design.

Take advantage of the many ways you can beautify your apartment or room for less money by using posters instead. Scenolia guarantees a great experience with high quality printing posters. Lightweight and delivered in a space-saving tube, the XXL poster is guaranteed to give you wonderful results. Hang it with simple pins (Scenolia clear pins are sold as accessories), and unhook it just as easily when you want to change it. Put it in another room for a radical change of style and atmosphere!

Don't hesitate, discover our large photo posters and live an unforgettable experience, a new way to travel! Clearly, you need large format posters to communicate our message.

Giant poster moon

Large format posters

Giant wall posters are large posters that cover part of a wall. Hang this magnificent decoration in your home for an excellent design effect. Scenolia offers several sizes of giant posters, for example:
140 x 95 cm and 200 x 140 cm. They can be pinned to the wall like panoramic posters. We recommend putting one in each corner and then every 30 cm. Printed paper is a high quality non-woven paper made of polyester fibres, cellulose and vinyl.

XXL Poster

The xxl decor will help show off your interior design style (up to 2 metres) at a low price. The xxl Moon poster is pinned to the living room wall and adds a decorative touch in black and white. The moon shines a light on the classic lines of this interior with its striking mouldings at the bottom of the wall. The chairs are upholstered in an old-fashioned style but upgraded with bright colours: purple, pink, apple green and yellow. These vibrant colours really bring life to the living room.

At Scenolia, you will find a variety of atmospheres, colours, photographs, illustrations… You are bound to find an image that will match your furniture. Show off your interior style and set your décor on fire with a gigantic poster that lets you dream. New York photography, or space photography, or tropical nature photography.