Wall decoration Perspectives

Wall decoration Perspectives

Trompe l'oeil perspectives

An extraordinary decoration: Transform your walls into portals leading to distant lands with our trompe l'oeil landscapes and let your interior take you somewhere else. Countryside, sea or mountain panoramas make for the perfect trompe l'oeil wall decoration. A trompe l'oeil image will immediately enlarge your the room.

A trompe l'oeil perspective is a design that gives the illusion of a larger space through forced perspective. For example, a large photo of a terrace with a pier and view of the horizon is what we call a perspective wallpaper. The lines of the pier and the paving of the terrace give the illusion that the terrace extends beyond the wall on which the wallpaper is placed.

On the deck of a ship wallpaper
Trompe l'oeil bridge wall hanging
Route 66 as far as the eye can see Poster
Brooklyn bridge Perspective wallpaper

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Enlarge your interior.
Thanks to the trompe l'oeil perspective which gives the impression of your room leading to a new place, your space will appear larger. A trompe l'oeil perspective can be either a drawing or a photograph. The false perspective has the effect of pushing back the walls. In your bedroom, opt for a trompe l'oeil window. This will bring extra light into your dressing area, for example. The 3D effect of the scenery will make you feel like you're lost in the middle of nature even if you live on top of a 5-storey building!

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Perspective wallpaper to enlarge an interior

Discover Scenolia's trompe l'oeil selection, and find the landscape view that you know will look fab in your living room. Here, you'll find black and white trompe l'oeil pictures, city skyscrapers with an unrivalled depth, a path lined with reeds to the beach, a wine cellar that gives the illusion of having a vaulted cellar, a photo of a staircase in white Greek houses, pontoons on the sea or in the jungle, paths in the forest, sports fields... in other words, a whole range of trompe l'oeil images that will give you the illusion of being somewhere else. .

Yellow suspension bridge poster
Landscape lavender field wallpaper
Wine cellar hanging in perspective
Wooden planks and sea poster

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