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Multicolour wall decoration


Do you feel like giving your guests a colourful decorating touch? Then you've come to the right place. At Scenolia, you can buy a colourful wallpaper or canvas to suit you. Scenolia offers a large choice of cheap multicoloured decoration for the whole house: bedroom, kitchen, living room, toilets...

A colourful decor can be achieved by mixing coloured accessories: Floor mats, , sofas, colourful chairs, designer lamps, patterned cushions, multicoloured wall art, coloured soft furnishings and linen?... Make your home cheerful and full of life with bright and on-trend colours. You will feel energised in your daily life.

Colourful chalk wallpaper
Bird of paradise wallpaper
Red and green plant wall
Colour dot wallpaper

The team's decorating tips

Nevertheless, giving your house or flat some colour isn't always easy; you have to find a balance.

To give your living space a colourful and stylish decoration, follow these tips: Opt for a maximum of 3 main colours and make sure you keep the room bright (light colours are best in smaller spaces or rooms with little natural light. Dark colours look great in a brighter, more colourful rooms). Finally, be bold and add a smattering of stylish colours such as verdigris or terracotta.

Décoration murale Multicoloured

Eccentric colourful decoration

Try a rainbow decoration to maximise wall colour in your toilet or hallway. These secondary rooms can get away with daring décor. Hang a humorous picture or unusual wallpaper in these spaces as they will not disturb the harmony of the rest of the house but will still allow you to express your originality..

Multicoloured flight of hearts poster
Design wallpaper with colourful pattern
Multicoloured wallpaper
Canada multicoloured landscape Wall hanging

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