Wall decoration Paris

Wall decoration Paris


Enjoy a panoramic view of the French capital. Wallpapers, posters and giant canvases of Paris will bring a modern and refined touch to your home. Paris is the city of fashion and always keeps up with the latest trends.

With this Paris mural, you will see Paris from every angle, including the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower of course, the Sacré Coeur, the Champs Elysées, the Montmartre hill, photographs taken from the sky, black and white photos of Paris... Immerse yourself in the Parisian universe by discovering the most beautiful places.

Eiffel Tower bedroom wallpaper
Paris Montmartre wallpaper
Table Paris
Paris wall poster

The team's decorating tips

Find Paris wallpapers and canvases to stick or hang throughout your home. A design frame featuring an image of Paris in your living room will be an incredible sight for your guests. A trompe l'oeil panorama of Paris stretched across an entire wall in your dining room will fully immerse you into the Parisian urban universe . We know you're longing for a taste of the City of Lights. Dare to switch up your wall decoration and display an image of Paris.

Décoration murale Paris

The most beautiful photos of Paris to hang on your walls

Are you looking for large format images of Paris? Scenolia offers a selection of Paris-themed wall decorations for purchase: a photo gallery where you can find the best images of this world city, our beautiful French capital! Paris' heritage is rich in history and design, with monuments of strong symbolic value. It is not for nothing that Paris welcomes so many tourists year upon year!

Wallpaper Paris Champ Elysees
black and white Paris poster,
Eternal Paris wallpaper
Window on Paris canvas print