Wall decoration New York

Wall decoration New York

New York

We have a collection of wall decorations, panoramic wallpapers and decorative paintings that will take your breath away: from the Empire State Building to Brooklyn Bridge, the East River to the buildings of Manhattan, even the streets of Times Square.

New York is the dynamic American city par excellence. The taxis, the people, the shops... all very much in business! Life never stops! Day and night, there is movement in this great metropolis, nicknamed the Big Apple. NY decoration is the American dream at your fingertips.

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The team's decorating tips

Opt for the industrial apartment style that's typical of this bustling city! The old, red, brick walls and the graffiti tags are part of the city's soul. With our panoramic poster Head office, it'll be as if you're on top of a building with a view of the Empire State building. Our trompe-l'oeil window will make you feel as if you're high up, gazing our over the urban landscape. Our New York Break Manhattan wallpaper is a false wall made of large white bricks with a hole in the centre to reveal a view of the city.

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The excitement of the city energises your wall decoration

For a high definition New York themed vibe in your living room, choose one of our New York wall coverings. Central Park is also an important place: It's a breath of fresh air for all inhabitants. A bike ride through this beautiful park is a must. Or take a step back from downtown with a view across the Brooklyn Bridge.

You can also find Paris decoration and London images in our urban collection.

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