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Engraved wall decoration


Engraved wall decorations, wallpaper in particular, alludes to the trompe l'oeil of the beginning of the century. The "engraved" wallpaper is predominantly floral. It adds a touch of chicness to your decor.

This theme is about searching for an authentic work of art. It's about appreciating the artist's work and the value of rare goods... This is currently in demand within the world of interior design.

Roman temple engraved picture
Old herbarium picture
Engraved, coloured wallpaper with palm tree print
Antique engraved picture

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Under the spotlight: Engraving

In our society full of products labelled with "made in China", we're reassured by know-how, craftsmanship and manual work. With this ENGRAVING theme, there's a little something that takes us back to basics.

Moreover, it's like owning a work of art, which gives your home a unique look. Give your house, flat or room a personal touch with an original creation.

Engraving also refers to history, which we can draw upon in our day-to-day lives. This is yet another reason why you should consider choosing this theme for your home.

Décoration murale Engraving

Black and white engraved wall decor

Maybe you've chosen an exclusively monochrome theme for your house or flat. The engraving trend fits this style perfectly. You could opt for a black and white jungle theme with Engraved palm tree wallpaper and a Black and white palm picture. And there you have it! A beautiful black and white decoration featuring an on trend engraved image.

Engraved wall decor
Antique engraved picture
Engraved jungle print wallpaper
Engraved herbarium wall picture

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