Wall decoration Black and white

Black and white wall decoration

Black and white

Black and white, black and white spirit for a chic decoration! Without colour, wall decorations are accessible to all and match all interior styles. The elegance of sobriety.

Design and decorate a unique space with these visuals. Opt for the black and white style with varying degrees of contrast.x2/}

Black and white decor adds style to your interior. A black and white image reflects your contemporary yet classic taste in décor. Add some charm to your living room with a black and white photograph, for example. The strong contrast between the two colours will show a touch of finesse.

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The team's decorating tips

For a successful black and white decor, don't forget to make the most of grey tones to really play with the colour-scheme. In our black and white photo range, we offer a wide variety of images. Visually, black makes a lot more impact than white. To keep a room looking bright, avoid a 50/50 split between the two colours. You'll want to allow more room for the white which will brighten your walls. Give your home decor some finesse.

Décoration murale Black and white

Large selection of black and white images to suit YOUR style

Black and white decor can be combined with many interior styles, whether you have a contemporary or an old house with either wooden, metal or rattan furniture... That is one of the advantages of this colour combination. You can combine your black and white image with natural materials, green plants or colourful objects. A black and white photo keeps it simple as this can work well with your existing décor without you having to re-do anything..

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