3D wallpaper

A visual illusion is an excellent idea if you want to bring a bit more life to your interior and give your home a more original look. By creating an optical illusion from Scenolia's collection of 3D wallpaper , you're guaranteed to be at the cutting edge of the interior design trend. Why opt for this type of wall decoration?

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3D wallpaper: from optical illusion to trompe l'oeil

A 3D wallpaper, enlarging your space

Looking for some cool and unusual ideas to decorate some rooms in your house? Discover our collection of 3D wallpaper! Our wallpapers are great for if you have a small space. They visually enlarge the room and bring a whole new dimension to it. Our range of wallpapers enable you to completely transform your interior and trick your guests!.

Our 3D wallpaper models

At Scenolia, we offer a whole selection of 3D design wallpaper models, sure to meetyour requirements. You can invite nature into your bedroom, trick your guests into a living room with a beach view, or have fun looking at wall decorations expressed in illusory, surreal shapes.

3D wallpaper to mesmerise your guests

The views wallpaper collection from Scenolia captivates attention with its varied colours. Let your imagination run wild with the many decorative possibilities available to you. Ever so realistic, our 3D effect wallpapers allow you to go above and beyond standard decorative styles, and create a new atmosphere in your home. Our wallpapers also allow you to hide small imperfections on your walls, making your interior perfect.

Have a browse of our catalogue to discover our original, modern and chic wall decorations: draw inspiration from it, and bring about a stunning transformation to your home!