Bathroom and spa wallpaper

Dare to use wallpaper in your bathroom! Textile wallpaper is highly resistant to the moisture present in rooms such as the bathroom. Therefore, wallpapers from this collection can be hung on your bathroom wall. Discover our photos and wall designs to create a cosy or romantic atmosphere in your bathroom.

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Create YOUR atmosphere in YOUR bathroom

Wallpaper is back on trend and is being installed in every room in the house. It can therefore also be used as a wall decoration in your bathroom.

You can create various decorative atmospheres with a variety of visuals to suit all tastes. In the shower room, we often recommend a zen, relaxing, green or intimate atmosphere, and romantic in the couple's suite. For an adult bathroom, pastel or cool colours such as blue and green are more appropriate. In a children's bathroom, use colourful friezes, graphic patterns or amusing bathroom pictures.

Non-woven paper is not recommended for this damp room. We recommend a material that is perfectly suited to this type of environment: textile fabric. With its high resistance and washable woven finish, you can be confident in your choice of bathroom wallpaper.