Brick wallpaper

Black, red, white or orange, which brick colour do you prefer?
Find here all the brick wallpapers for the most realistic trompe-l'oeil effect! Opt for a loft atmosphere with red bricks or an imitation brick wall and surprise your guests.

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Brick wallpaper: imitate a New York loft interior

Are you wanting to achieve an industrial style in your interior? New York lofts are a good source of inspiration, and their brick walls certainly make them stand out. Instead of splashing out on costly renovation work, you can achieve the same effect by simply hanging an imitation brick wallpaper. Choose between numerous styles of

brick effect wallpaper

on Scenolia. Loft: understanding the basics

The loft is a former factory which has been converted into a flat. This style of decor is based upon a harmonious colour palette and a good arrangement of the space. This style is suitable for every room and can be achieved in just a few small steps. A loft wallpaper will help you achieve your design goals.

How to choose the right brick wallpaper?

Selecting the right size

The size of your imitation brick wallpaper will vary depending on the dimensions of the room. A loft wallpaper poster in the bedroom will create a calm vibe while an XXL imitation brick wallpaper will give your living room some warmth and pique the interest of your guests.

You can also alter the context of our brick wall décor by choosing a broken brick wallpaper which adds volume to small spaces. Even if you choose a large design, installation is still simple for both novice and expert interior designers. The pre-pasted faux brick wallpaper is even easier to install. Just spray a little water on the back of the paper away you go.

Brick wallpaper: thousands of effects

Whatever the size, it is important to select a brick effect wallpaper which complements the rest of your interior. The grey brick wallpaper and the white imitation brick wallpaper can be combined with materials such as wooden furniture, patterned linens or trendy metal lighting. You'll also need to consider the tastes of the people living in your home. For example, an urban decor with a black brick wallpaper is more suitable for a teenager's room than for a child's.

Our team is always on hand to help

A red brick wallpaper creates warmth while a white brick wallpaper makes a room brighter. Our team will help you find the right brick wallpaper for your space. We start printing after your order has been finalised and you'll receive your brick wallpaper a few days later.