Jungle wallpaper

The jungle is a pristine wilderness which is home to a rich variety of fauna and flora. Jungle wallpaper offers an exceptional panorama which is sure to remind you of nature. Images of natural, colourful landscapes will add depth to your interiors. Old-growth forests, sunsets over the horizon, wild fauna, coconut trees, rivers, waterfalls...

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Add depth to your living space with jungle wallpaper

We have a whole gallery containing a large selection of stylish wallpapers

with a jungle theme. The tropical jungle style is currently exceedingly popular, but we also have mountain or country wallpapers available. Our non-woven wallpaper with a tropical landscape combines the beauty of nature with the relaxation of a holiday. Whether you pick a high-quality photo of a waterfall surrounded by forests and sedimentary rocks, an island landscape with coconut palms dotted along the beach, or a stretch of water in the middle of the amazon that reaches as far as the eye can see... our scenery will take you on a journey around the world from the comfort of your own home.

With jungle wallpaper, you'll wake up in paradise every morning, which is sure to put a spring in your step. A joyful and enchanting atmosphere is created in your home. Let yourself be carried away by this exotic trend by choosing a panoramic tapestry with a foliage motif, engraving or jungle photo.

Wallpapers can be used both as decoration and wall decoration. Scenolia's non-woven paper and textile fabric are quality materials that are resistant and easy to install. Choose according to your needs and budget.

Choosing the right jungle wallpaper for your room

Every room in the house has a different theme. This is a good thing as it keeps your interior interesting. For the wallpaper in your kitchen, choose a photo that combines sun, water and nature. For the wallpaper in your bedroom, an image of the Amazon jungle might be favourable. You could also choose a background showing the sunset over a water. For children's rooms, a jungle wallpaper complete with small wild animals is perfect. Take a look at our entire collection of jungle wallpapers.

For all wet and humid rooms such as bathrooms, toilets and spas, we recommend textile fabric prints, as they are highly resistant to moisture and splash water.

What colour to match with a jungle wallpaper?

A wallpaper only decorates one part of the room. You should never stick printed wallpaper on all the walls of a room, as it may be too busy. The idea is to put a tropical wallpaper on one wall and paint the other walls of the room in a solid colour for example. But you may wonder what colour to choose with a jungle wallpaper? This is not a given. The answer will depend on your wishes and the paper you choose. You can use a colour from the wallpaper, it works all the time. For example, use a water green from the image Pineapple curaçao from Scenolia. Soften the shade to paint your walls in the pastel shade that matches it. The wall decoration of your room will then be harmonious and faithful to the chosen theme.

You can keep your other walls white or play with a texture. Scenolia offers several imitation wallpapers: Brick, stone, wood, concrete, marble... The jungle style goes very well with Scandinavian or industrial interiors for example. In this case, combining a jungle wallpaper with another material-effect wallpaper is a great decorating idea. Choose a light, all-purpose colour such as grey. Scenolia also offers a wide range of 3D wallpapers.

Where can I find my cheap green jungle non-woven wallpaper?

Scenolia offers a wide range of jungle wallpapers: photo mural jungle landscape, green plant motifs, giant ferns, palm tree engraving, winter garden, tropical wallpaper, animal drawings, luxuriant jungles... Made in France, Scenolia wallpapers guarantee impeccable quality at the best price. We take care to select quality images for large format printing, rethink our packaging to best protect products and reduce shipping costs. You will find your exotic wallpaper not necessarily in our catalogue.

Black and white jungle tapestry for an exotic room

A bedroom is a specific place to decorate. The room must be both to your liking and sleep-inducing. A black and white jungle wallpaper is a good idea. A trendy jungle décor will put your room on top of the trends, while a black and white décor will create a calm and restful atmosphere, conducive to a good night's sleep. Combine these two needs with our jungle wallpapers. Decorate your wall with a few objects in the same mood: Exotic animal cushions, a natural wood bedside table, a mirror with canisses, giant foliage bed linen, a designer hanging lamp, pink flamingo curtains... Have fun creating your own exotic bedroom with wall coverings and accessories.

Animal wallpaper for a child's room

Animals are fun and are an ideal theme for decorating a child's room. Choose a panoramic jungle animals wallpaper for its play area or headboard. He will marvel at its colours and learn from nature. He will invent a world for himself and the decoration of his room will be the starting point of his imagination.

A foliage pattern for a tropical atmosphere

Scenolia offers several tropical wallpapers with a foliage pattern. Bring a tropical atmosphere to your bedroom with this ornament. Whether green, white, grey or coloured, the foliage pattern adds texture to the wall and gives it relief. Ferns, philodendron, banana leaves... you will find what you are looking for in our decoration shop.