Hallway wallpaper

Whether you have a long corridor that serves several rooms or a small, narrow space in a flat, you will find here a selection of wallpapers to decorate your corridor. This area of the house is a place of passage that should not be neglected because it is used every day!
So give these walls a makeover and brighten up your room.

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Which hallway wallpapers should I choose?

Are you looking for a cool, fun look to jazz up your dark hallway walls? We can offer you a selection of wallpapers which go perfectly in this area. x7/}

Brighten up your walls with a colourful decoration. Your hallway will instantly become brighter! Choose from a flowery landscape, a scene of the Savannah, or a delicate pastel watercolour. Or go for the black and white pattern, which is ever so trendy in a hallway. Or be even bolder and choose engraved decorations, twinkling cities or geometrical shapes to give it an extra special charm. A small decorating tip for you - by putting a mirror up in this space, it will seem bigger than it really is, making it feel more spacious! x11/}

With our quality materials, installation is always easy. Choose between non-woven wallpaper with an excellent quality/price ratio or washable textile wallpaper, depending on your budget. You can choose between 2 finishes, with the web-exclusive monobloc up to 12 metres long, perfect for decorating long corridors and hallways!