Design wallpaper

Wallpapers have been enjoying a wave of success in recent years. Personalized decoration is a must, DIY always teaches you new things and develops skills you already have, whilst advances in techniques simplify installation. Our Scenolia online catalogue features the latest trends in modern wallpaper.

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Design wallpaper: the new trends

Design wallpaper: a touch of novelty

The contemporary design wallpaper is available in several versions: among other things are, landscapes, patterns, materials, trompe l'oeil (or window-dressing, creating a sort of illusion), and urban chic. Creating a new atmosphere in your home is easier than ever before. Scenolia offers you design wallpapers following the latest trends. Come and get inspired, and find decoration ideas for your home!

Contemporary design wallpaper is suitable for all rooms

Why not install one of our wallpapers in your lounge, one that is guaranteed to initiate discussion? lounge. This is the case with the Vintura, a vintage world map. The Jungle also encourages conversation: how could it not? For the bedroom meanwhile, you might prefer to go for a more relaxing wallpaper, such as models The emerald forest or Flowers. If you are looking for a modern wallpaper to boost concentration in your


, the Library wallpaper is great in helping you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. The dimensions currently available are thought out to enable you to make better use of your space. Indeed, once you've chosen the patterns and colours, you'll need to select the best size for your space (single sheet, panoramic, fresco or custom-made dimensions).

Trendy wallpaper with an artistic touch

Our tapestry designs are sure to enhance your interior. The quality of the photos reproduces every detail, whether it is a historical aeroplane, an engraving, a graphic forest landscape, a sea of clouds, a lush illustrated jungle... In addition to the classic themes, our catalogue includes abstract art, 3D perspectives and street tags. Scenolia regularly adds new collections. Selecting a model that matches your decor and expresses your personality is easier than ever before. If you would like to be kept up-to-date about our new products, please join our club.