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Editor, designer, printer: Scenolia offers unique decor

Established in 2006, Scenolia is shaking up the world of interior design with the creation of the first short circuit production for all styles of wall decorations (paintings, posters, wallpapers, hangings, etc.). This has been possible thanks to our exceptional team which brings all kinds of experience and know-how together under one roof. This enables us to offer you high-quality, innovative products at unbeatable prices which are full of surprises you're sure to love.

Image cutting workshop

Made in South Africa, local manufacturing

At Scenolia, we're committed to reducing our carbon footprint by considering our use of transportation. Therefore, all our products sold within South Africa are made in South Africa, near Johannesbourg.

Scenolia's key figures

  • 2,000 products available
  • 9.4/10 customer satisfaction rating
  • 15 years of experience
  • 30% of products are exclusive to Scenolia thanks to our patented designs

A solid foundation: a leading company for over 30 years

Scenolia a branch of Prismaflex International company which is concerned with the manufacture and distribution of decor products. Prismaflex is a French company founded in 1988 which is well established in the Lyon region. We've been pioneers in digital printing since it first arrived on the market. After equipping ourselves with the first so-called "large format" technologies in 1994, we've remained the undisputed European leader in large format digital printing ever since. Our products provide solutions for a multitude of markets, for example; advertising, event, industrial and decorative.

Our fleet of 32 machines are divided between France, Canada, Spain, England ans South Africa to serve local needs. The largest of our large-format printing labs is located in South Africa, 4 Herman Pieters Street, Hughes - Boksburg 1459, Gauteng.

An integrated artistic team

Integrated in 2006, our art studio is always on the lookout for the latest styles and trends, ready to offer you the very best products. We regularly collaborate with independent photographers as well as image agencies to ensure we select the best leading-edge designs.

Respecting creator's rights

At Scenolia, we're in the business of protecting artists from all corners of the globe. Every image we use is subject to a signed contract. We work with artists directly, as well as with renowned international image banks (Shutterstock, Getty, etc.).

At your service

Team Scenolia

It's easy to get in touch with Scenolia and we like to hear from our clients. Whether you choose to contact us by telephone (+27 11 823 5008), e-mail ( or live chat, there'll always be someone to answer your questions and queries.


No matter what you might be looking for, you can't always guarantee you'll find the perfect item for you. That's why Scenolia offers a range of personalised services.

  • Know exactly what image you're looking for but unable to find it on our site?
    You're bound to find it among the 100,000,000 images supplied by our image bank partner, each one 100% certified for use. 15,000 new images are added everyday.
  • Need a specific format? Whether you're after canvases, posters or wallpaper, we've got it all. Take a look at what we have to offer and see for yourself.
  • Looking for a new material? Need something for a specific purpose? Want a product that brightens your room? Organising an event such as a wedding or a company party? Get in touch with any questions: we love a challenge.

Our engineers have created innovative and patented products.

By developing its own products, Scenolia is shaking up the market. Our integrated team of engineers have filed several patents over the past 20 years. This business model is unusual in the world of decor, and it allows us to develop products designed to encourage the re-use of materials, reduce our environmental impact (raw materials, manufacturing, transport), be easier to install or simply be "chic and different".

Examples of our patented products:

  • XXL Canvas kits up to 3 m².
  • Solid board (Dibond, acrylic glass,...) with foldable wall hook
  • Velcro material which eliminates the need for glue

Our specially developed printed supports

Developing new decorative products is good, but developing them using printed supports which facilitate a limited environmental footprint is even better! Most businesses can only dream of making this a reality because it requires large volumes of production. At Prismaflex and Scenolia, this is a reality. Our international structure gives us the ability to develop our own products and share them with our subsidiaries. This optimised supply management is part of the reason why we can offer the highest quality products at the best prices.

Packaging designed with delivery in mind

At Scenolia, packaging is an integral part of our "product concept". There's nothing worse than receiving a damaged package, so our product development teams are responsible for taking a close look at the life-cycle of our products during the transportation process. Although packaging is developed according to the high-quality mail order criteria, the heavy handling that parcels receive in transit encouraged us to develop some of our packaging. A product that arrives at its destination in good condition is part of our environmental approach.

Our speciality: interior and exterior wall decor in all formats

We have a decorating solution for every wall, whether they're inside or outside the house, a feature which is unique to Scenolia. Whether you want to decorate your balcony, terrace, pool area, spa or pool house, we can do it all. Our extensive experience means we know how to decorate any wet room (bathroom, spa, indoor pools,...). We select materials according to the purpose of the product: For outdoor products, materials are weather and temperature resistant. We also use UV resistant inks to ensure our items are suitable for every possible weather condition.

A printing studio at the cutting edge of technology and environmental developments

Our 100% digital large format items showcase the latest printing technologies, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Quality rendering: all of our prints are created using high-resolution digital printing.
  • Our inks: All with very low VOC emissions (A+), our water-based HP Latex inks are completely odourless, while our Agfa UV LED inks are selected for their low energy consumption, as well as for their "Green Guard Gold" labels and "TOY EN 71-3" standards.
  • Excellent UV resistance: our products remain durable even with intense sun exposure. Our pigments have a light fastness rating of more than 6 according to ISO 105B06.

The environment: a sustainable commitment

Prismaflex has been committed to environmental issues for almost 20 years. This is reflected in a policy retained and supported by significant dedicated resources which are renewed every year. Prismaflex has made corporate commitments for all its operations and Scenolia has made specific developments to take this even further.

Some examples: zero PVC is used in our entire interior design range sold on our website. Posters, canvases and wallpapers are all designed without PVC as a component. Any plastic that is used (only where necessary) is recyclable and doesn't produce chlorine during its destruction. Instead of PVC we use polyester, PS, PE, PMMA...

We've significantly reduced our carbon footprint thanks to the creation of products which can be delivered in kit form

Our patented canvas board kit reduces the transport volume of most products by 90%. For example, let's consider our 2x1.40m canvas. Over 15 years, and with 2.5 million units sold worldwide, we've reduced the transport carbon footprint by 60,000 m3, the equivalent of 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

To find out more about us, contact our team.