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The toilets

The toilet is also a room in the house that should not be neglected in terms of decoration. This small and intimate space can be decorated in a very original way or with a lot of sobriety. Scenolia offers you here sets adapted to this small room.

Don't be lazy when it comes to your toilet decoration! You've put a lot of effort into decorating your home and the finishing touches are almost complete. But don't forget to decorate your toilet! This essential room in the house deserves its quota of decoration too. Get started with gentle images, jungles, beaches or beautiful maps of the world.

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An original interior design in the washrooms.

Choosing a decorating theme for your quarter bath is a good idea.

A sea and ocean theme lends itself well to this small room. To decorate your quarter bath, why not opt for a giant poster featuring a photo of a beach, a wall canvas showing the seafloor or even a single strip seahorse wallpaper? We've have any number of sea and ocean photos in our gallery. Relaxing and meditative, seaside landscapes are perfect decorations for a quarter bath.

You could also decorate your quarter bath with an animal style, using animal portraits for example, or with an abstract theme using geometric patterns. Trust your instincts when decorating your quarter bath.

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