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The office

How can you decorate your office to make it a pleasure to be in? There is nothing less motivating than sitting in front of a dull paper surrounded by soulless furniture. Whether you spend a few minutes or several hours in it, it is a room that must meet several expectations: concentration and inspiration.

When office design inspires you

Studying, keeping on top of your accounts, doing paperwork, finishing files or working as a freelancer... Exciting or boring, all of these need motivation. In order to enjoy these above-mentioned activities, the office needs to be a refuge, a pleasant, well thought out, and cosy space.

Wallpaper, posters and pictures should be chosen carefully, along with the furniture. Here are a few tips to help you well and truly thrive in your office.

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Moon canvas print
Design office wall art
Norway Landscape canvas print

Why decorate your office?

Whilst you're working, it's important to take some time to reflect and relax every now and then. Taking a few minutes to give yourself a breather are vital if you want to maintain creativity and productivity. And it's at these precise moments that your decor plays a fundamental role. Your eyes will wander and stare at the walls and objects surrounding you. Your decor needs to inspire you, whether it's a breathtaking wallpaper or an office canvas. However, we'll all have different wants and goals depending on the space we have available, the function of the room and our personality.

Décoration murale The office

A dedicated space

Are you lucky enough to have a room for yourself that's not a bedroom? Like an office space for example? You can personalise your decoration hassle-free. On the other hand, if your working space is in the corner of the bedroom and living room, you'll be looking to separate your work area. If the room is large enough, installing a partition, Japanese blind or screen will provide you with that separation. For a smaller room, decoration is the key to separating off your workspace. x4/}

Cap Corse wallpaper
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Sailboat - office wall art
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To complete your office wall decor

Idea for a functional office

Once you've picked the best location, choose how you'll position your desk, to make sure you're making the most of the natural light that's available to you. Just be careful not to get anything on your screen! Make sure there's a socket nearby too! You might also want to make space for any other bits of furniture you might want: bookcases, shelves, boxes to store your documents in. And there you go: that's the practical side dealt with - tick! All that remains is to decorate your space, making it a cosy, welcoming place, somewhere where work equates to pleasure and relaxation (or as much as it can anyhow)...

Choose a wallpaper that goes in perfect harmony with your space. Avoid "busy" or highly decorated posters in a typical living room. It should subtly enhance the function of the space, encouraging relaxation. For a small space, the window-themed trompe-l'oeil poster looking out onto a landscape will make your space feel larger. Another option is to install a single strip on one side of your desk. No matter what decorating trend it is you choose, you're defining a space as yours by putting your own personal touch on it. x4/}

The right decoration can lead to maximum concentration

Papier peint bureau paysage de brume

Difficulty concentrating? There's nothing like a streamlined office design to eliminate distraction. . Opt for simple furniture and subtle decoration: Non-woven wall coverings in light colours, bringing to mind greenery or a relaxing landscape, will create a serene atmosphere that will encourage reflection and help you better remember things. White, off-white, green, grey, oatmeal... are all colours that soothe, and encourage self-examination and soul searching. Then you can embellish your room, by either going for some accessories that are bolder in colour and create a bit of a contrast, or perhaps go for a gentler look with pencil pots and letter trays that are of a more similar colour to the surrounding walls. x9/}

Need to be creative?

Well in this case, we'd recommend installing brightly colouredoffice wallpapers: Yellow, green, red... Single-coloured or multi-coloured, you are spoilt for choice, with colourful world maps and original designs, all aimed at stimulating your mind. Unique drawn or abstract strips will also spark your imagination.

The trendy, tropical atmosphere plunges you into a creative world. Stylized tropical foliage patterns will combine beautifully with white wood furniture for a contemporary feel. Solid wood or wicker/cane is preferred to emphasise the exotic. The effect is guaranteed, thanks to a very dynamic green colour scheme.

Each to their own (office décor)

Is there a style you particularly like? Now is the time to indulge yourself, because your personal office is the place where you can let your tastes come out without compromise. If you want a change of scenery, nothing could be easier. Decorate your walls with wallpapers or posters of countryside, seaside or mountain landscapes. For those who prefer to follow trends, it is possible to match furniture with wall decorations.

Vintage wall decoration desk

Do you like antiques and antique furniture? If you want to go back to the 20s and 70s, choose a wooden piece of furniture with an iron base. On the walls, a wallpaper with geometric figures is a perfect match, unless you prefer urban views thanks to the desk poster featuring the world's cities: Manhattan, Lisbon, Paris, London... Another vintage solution: an old school desk is recovered and a board is placed above it, imitating an old world map.


This time, it's decided, you want your own industrial universe. An all-metal desk, an old architect's table, whatever you find, you can enhance it with a brick background, such as Factory light or Loft white. A black and white picture and a metallic lamp will complete the atmosphere.

A Scandinavian desk

To furnish your office in this style is to choose authenticity and luminosity. A natural wood table and an ergonomic office chair will fit perfectly in front of a wall covered with Scandinavian blue or Pacific wood office wallpaper. Blue, which comes in various shades, is particularly suited to this atmosphere. A hanging shelf will add a decorative touch if you put some seaside pictures on it.

An office for all ages

Children and teenagers are also entitled to a desk where they will enjoy awakening their imagination, writing their diary or drawing. For them, we prefer functional furniture: table with drawers, closed column for easy storage. But we encourage them to immerse themselves in stimulating worlds with wallpapers and posters that tell them a wonderful story. For the youngest, the focus is of course on animals but also on pirates and poetic worlds. Don't forget to create a reading corner with a low armchair in pastel or acid colours. A hot air balloon flies away, autumn leaves twirl, animals do acrobatics. For the older children, the superheroes are invited between two assignments, unless they prefer London and its rock attitude.